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Check out our other site

Long time fans of the Tally League might know us by our local name: the Community Empowerment Organization, or CEO.

Check out www.ceotallahasee.com for the latest CEO news but keep your eye on this spot; Tally is about to take theleague.com by storm!

The Tally League

Tally Adopts A Community Center!

The Tallahassee League is doing big things in the town affectionately known as Tally.  Our latest project in motion is our initiative at the LeVerne F. Payne Community Center, otherwise known as the 4th Ave Project. 

The Fourth Ave neighborhood is in dire need of some TLC, so the Tally League has come to the rescue!  (insert corny, super hero DUN DA DA DUUUUUUN!! here) With our powers combined, we have plans to go to the community center once a week to teach classes to children and adults alike... (click the title to read more)


Get down with the Tally League

The League's just getting warmed up down here in Tallahassee...  coming soon is info on our upcoming meetings, activites, and barbeques at the new community center in Frenchtown.  Sign up for our emails using the box in the upper right and get down with us!


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