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Online Do-It-Yourself Voter Guide Tool encourages Youth Voters to Vote Down Ballot 2008-10-28
The youth vote could be a deciding factor in more than just the presidential race this year. But young voters in particular don't like voting for people they've never heard of. To answer this problem the League of Young Voters created an online Do It Yourself Voter Guide tool.

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By Lynn Russo WhyllyAllvoices
The League of Young Voters Education Fund, along with 1Sky, The Sierra Club and other non-profits, plan to storm the senators' offices on Earth Day to let their representatives know that they want action on issues that affect their community.
By Amanda NalleyTallahassee Democrat
The crowd of more than 700 jumped to their feet Sunday as Susan Taylor, keynote speaker for Florida A&M University's State of the Student Summit, was introduced.
By New 13Fox 23
A group trying to make it legal for non-U.S. citizens to vote in Portland city elections is taking its fight to City Hall.
By Jason Wheeler and Kristen DiCaraWCHS6
The League of Young Voters and Portland's immigrant community are teaming up, pushing for voting rights for legal immigrants.
By Josie HuangMaine Public Broadcasting Network
A campaign to make Portland one of the first cities in the country to allow non-citizens to vote suffered a setback last night when the city's charter commission narrowly rejected the idea. But immigrants who converged on City Hall vowed to get the issue on the November ballot.
By Casey ConleyPortland Daily Sun
The dismal economy, a lack of progress on climate change policy and the repeal of Maine's gay marriage law were just a few of the reasons 2009 "sucked" for many at Maine's chapter of the national The League of Young Voters organization. But with a full slate of city, state and federal elections just eight months away, the Portland-based advocacy group is launching a new monthly meeting to make sure 2010 ends on a stronger note.
The Domino Effect 2009-11-03
By Elizabeth Méndez BerryThe Nation
Some people are obvious candidates for political appointments: connections galore and a closet full of power suits. Hallie Montoya Tansey, 29, is not one of those people, but she's now a confidential assistant in the Department of Education.
By Bill NemitzPortland Press Herald
Harris Parnell, state director for the Maine League of Young Voters, sees Tuesday's election as more than just another off-year crop of referendum questions. For her generation, it's a turning point.
By Hilary Frenkel / Sean MahoneyThe Portland Press Herald
Not only won't traffic be helped, but Portland's hopes for pedestrian access will be trumped.
By Willy HamelinePolitics Daily
As Jenna Vendil of the Maine branch of the League of Young Voters, a progressive national political organization, told me in an e-mail, Maine is built around small, tight-knit communities that lend themselves to local organization. Campus activists couldn't ask for a better setting.
By Josie HuangMaine Public Broadcasting Network
"He is from away and doesn't have Maine values, and really, it's inappropriate for him to even be pushing this here in Maine," says Harris Parnell, who is with the League of Young Voters, whose members were among the couple dozen protestors outside the hotel.
By Bob CulpBall State Daily News
This stage of the debate is an optimal time for 18 to 29-year-olds to "flex their muscle," said Robert "Biko" Baker, executive director of the League of Young Voters.
By Julian HattemHuffington Post
Young voters were instrumental in helping elect President Obama but since then they've felt largely ignored by the political process. Now a number of youth advocacy organizations are insisting that they may have an important role to play in the health care debate.
By Beth SpotswoodSF Appeal
The League prints a fabulous voter guide each election and even to a unsophisticated dilettante like myself, it's a well-researched, honest look at every ballot item. They do an awesome job and last night's event hoped to raise money to print this thing.
By Tracy EvansThe Maine Campus
C.J. Bearce, the University of Maine campus organizer with League of Young Voters, an organization that encourages young people to engage in the democratic process, anticipated the law would be met with resistance.
By Heather BoxHuffington Post
Singer launched a national volunteer run campaign called Generation H which is working to elevate the voices of young people in the health care debate and call for comprehensive health care reform.
By Heather BoxHuffington Post
The homicide rate for young, non-white people is over six times their white peers. "This is a true epidemic in our country and we need to give it the same attention we would any epidemic taking 40-plus people's lives a day," says Jenkins, who works as training director for the League of Young Voters.
By Miriam RafteryEast County Magazine
Conservatives call for deeper cuts, Progressives launch campaign to allow majority to make budget decisions in Sacramento.
By Lauren
In this video submitted to, a site where people can upload video testimonials about problems facing their communities, Joe Hill of Philadelphia explains why he sees a need for the Youth PROMISE Act in his community.
By Antoinette Jenna PizziThe Daily Free Press
“People are excited about the new era but people have a lot of issues going on in life,” said Biko Baker, executive director for the League of Young Voters Education Fund. “There is a lot of hope and a lot of problems.”
By Bridget BlandBlackvoices
Who said that the younger generation of voters is apathetic and unaware of America's biggest problems? With one look at the new website, it's easy to tell that is certainly not the case.
By Kristina RizgaThe Nation
In the fall of 2004, then-college student Julian Mocine-McQueen was outraged that the prosperous city of San Francisco was doing little to prevent or talk about the high rate of homicides among young African-American and Latino men. So he started organizing young people around violence prevention programs through the League of Young Voters, a national voter engagement organization that also supports community organizers working with low-income youth.
By Jake
Coinciding with this week's heavy dose of political events, The League of Young Voters Education Fund announced yesterday that they will launch
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Attorneys suing the Port Authority for its refusal to run advertisements informing ex-felons of their right to vote in Pennsylvania only got through two witnesses yesterday in the opening day of trial.
By Jason CatoPittsburgh Tribune-Review
The Pittsburgh League of Young Voters and the American Civil Liberties Union sued the Port Authority in 2006 after it refused to accept an ad explaining voting rights of ex-convicts.
By Katie DiamondPortland Press Herald
The League of Young Voters has a agenda for progressives that touches all bases.
It's A New Era 2008-11-11
By Biko BakerThe Nation
I'm not going to lie to you. When Barack Obama first kicked off his campaign less than two years ago I was more than a little skeptical.
It's A New Day 2008-11-05
By Jeff ChangVibe
Throughout the north side of Pittsburgh, one of the city's three major Black districts, they lined up before dawn, hundreds deep in the 47-degree weather as if they were waiting for history to be made.... One of them was a 19-year old named Loric Frye.... But Frye was far from the kind of clean-scrubbed, neatly partisan first-time voter.... he wasn't even supposed to have found his way into the voting booth yesterday.... Frye spent the year canvassing, registering and door-knocking with Khari Mosley and the League of Young Voters....
By Paul Tambasco Garner Citizen News and Times
“First-time voters...are comfortable seeking information out and being able to discern and separate the wheat from the chaff,” said Sam Dorman, a managing director of The League of Young Voters, a group based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that works to engage young voters in swing states - particularly those off of college campuses.
By Jessica BoppSouth Pittsburgh Reporter
The Pennsylvania League of Young Voters is one of the many organizations that have focused more on voter engagement and education this year.
Vote smart 2008-11-03
Leonardo DiCaprio, MTV, P. Diddy and Burger King agree: your vote matters. More than ever, young voters are getting a big push to register, vote and get their voices heard.
Vote for hope 2008-11-02
By Khari MosleyPittsburgh Post-Gazette
KHARI MOSLEY says Barack Obama has inspired a new generation of African Americans to set higher goals and look beyond themselves
By Karla HultKare11 News
At first glance, it's just another Halloween bash. Among the group of young adults, one finds "Mr. T," a witch and Lady Liberty. But upon closer examination, one realizes -- there's more than candy driving these young adults in costumes.
By Rich CholodofskyPittsburgh Tribune Review
Watchdog groups on Thursday said a ban on cameras at polling places throughout Westmoreland County could lead to a cover-up of potential problems with electronic voting.
Pittsburgh Courier Online
A local 12-year-old Hill District resident won a political contest hosted by the Pennsylvania League of Young Voters.
By Van JonesThe Nation
As more racially diverse groups like the League of Young Voters, the Hip Hop Caucus, the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative and Young People For (YP4) join the movement, the sky is the limit for the next generation's leadership role.
By Ann Bryant
The war in Iraq has been a costly and frustrating effort, according to forum speakers Adam Cote of Portland and Alex Cornell du Houx of Brunswick, who shared their experiences and reflected on the past five years of war Wednesday at the University of Maine at Farmington.
By Susan M. CoverMaine News
Citizen groups today urged Maine's voters to know their voting rights for the Nov. 4 election.
By Jeff ChangXVibe
Since this year's election could bring one of the highest turnouts on record, especially at precincts in communities of color and around colleges and universities, both parties and nonpartisan organizations like the League of Young Voters have already begun bringing people to the polls.
In These Times
Billy Wimsatt founded The League of Young Voters in 2003 to organize and empower youth – particularly young people from low-income communities who haven’t attended college.
By Jennifer ParkerABC News
Early voting has become a growing trend in the United States, with now more than 30 states offering "no-excuse" early voting, either in person or by mail.
By Anya SostekPittsburgh Post-Gazette
For the past week, representatives from the League of Young Voters Education Fund have been working an unusual shift. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., members of the group have been prowling bars and clubs looking for -- and finding -- unregistered voters.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
There is a place for every volunteer. While the No. 1 thing is voter contact, it also needs volunteers for things like data entry and research. "Don't be scared off by thinking that there are only specific tasks," said Elizabeth Rincon, the league's state director.
By Annie TubbsPittsburgh Post-Gazette
This is fourth in a series of Right Here columns about 20-something Pittsburghers who work at nonprofit organizations. This week, we sat down with some employees of the PA League of Young Voters, all in their 20s.
By Heather KnightSan Francisco Chronicle
On a recent Monday night, the top three contenders for supervisor of San Francisco's District Nine gathered in the studio of Pirate Cat Radio, an unlicensed community radio station, to answer some tough questions from their host, the League of Pissed Off Voters.
By Gabrielle BanksPittsburgh Post-Gazette
The inmates on 6D crowded around plastic tables, chatting, smiling and milling about, while one volunteer at each table handed out forms and answered a flurry of questions. From the giddy buzz on the cellblock, you might have guessed they were giving away iPods or fresh turkey dinners with all the fixings.
The Power of Youth 2008-09-19
By Heather BoxYES! Magazine
I spent six months in a U.S. senator’s office but ended up leaving frustrated and disillusioned by the political process. Instead of making improvements, we seemed to be stepping backwards; things were changing too slowly. That’s when I got involved with the League of Young Voters.
By Laura FlandersGritTV with Laura Flanders
New voters could decide the '08 election, but in most states there are just over two weeks left to register. In this panel we're focusing on the change-makers....We are joined on the phone by Robert Biko Baker, Executive Director of the League of Young Voters.
Portland Voters Pack Room To Seek Answers From Candidates
By Peter DreierHuffington Post
The League of Young Voters, founded in 2005, has campaigns to reach working class non-college youth in cities in nine states. It has also helped build local groups that work on local issues, such as gun control, green jobs, voting rights and loitering laws.


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