Jobs NOT Guns Rally: Saturday, August 29th

Jobs NOT Guns Rally: Saturday, August 29th

Join Power Network’s Executive Director Gigi Traore and College Team Members, Ward 5 residents, collegiate and communal groups as well as various artists and activists for a march and rally as we address the economic downturn and increase of violence in our community. 

Check the full article for all the details!

Gigi Reports back from TBI

Gigi Reports back from TBI

Cleveland League Director Gigi Traore reports back from the Tunnel Builder Institute training she attended in Chi-town in mid April. 

Gigi brought her own team down from Cleveland and the weekend was inspiring. 

"As long as TBI exists I will continue to have my students participate."

Get down with the OH League

The OH League is currently focusing its young voter outreach program in Columbus' Near East Side, and in neighborhoods of Somali and East African descent.

Columbus group

We are also training young people to be leaders in the political process and to be part of the effort to protect the vote this election. 


Recently, we were a key partner in Vote Today Ohio - a grassroots campaign that utilized Ohio's "Golden Week" (September 30 - October 6) that helped more than 3300 unlikely progressive Ohio voters have their votes counted in the 2008 presidential election!

Bussin it in Columbus

In Columbus? Get involved! Email

A ohio volunteer canvasser

Where do I vote?

Find out where you're voting on Election Day here.   Tell your friends and then get them to tell their friends!


Not sure if you're registered?  Check here , here, or contact your local board of elections.

We're voting in Ohio - and we need your help!

We're voting in Ohio - and we need your help!

This week, the League launched our early voting program in Ohio, to take advantage of the state's first-ever "golden week." We're taking party vans full of young people to the polls, and racking up progressive votes in a crucial swing state.

Now we need your help to make sure we can sustain this work through the election.

Can you create a fundraising page to raise money and help turn out thousands of young progressive voters?


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