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The League Announces...Our Endorsed Candidates!

You know it's what you've been waiting for... You met candidates for School Committee, City Council, and Portland Water District in the Voter Guide, but now, you can get up close and personal with our chosen six. Check out our lovely descriptions of them, and their politics in their own words through our own League-rockin' questionnaire.

The League is frustrated about the state of politics in our city! Our elected leaders have let us down with their judgments around process, management of budgets, and lack of following or having strategic plans. Furthermore, the constant infighting and the lack of accountability has created dark clouds hanging over our promising city. (Hello, Maine State Pier and Portland School Budget!)

The League is proud to introduce our 2007 endorsed candidates. Candidates and issues must receive 60% of the membership's vote in order to earn the League's endorsement. These six candidates offer expertise around management, fiscal budgets, and collaboration. This is the team to put our broken city government back together. It's time for progress.


     School Committee
             District 3

     School Committee

   City Council District 3

eg web
snyder web

skolnik web

          Peter Eglinton

            Kate Snyder

            Dan Skolnik

   City Council At-Large

   City Council At-Large

    Portland Water District

anton web

duson web

 libby web
           John Anton

            Jill Duson

             Gary Libby


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Hilary Frenkel
Interim Co-Director, Portland

Nicola Wells
Interim Co-Director, Lewiston



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