We've MOVED!

We've MOVED!

We've moved to a new website:

You'll be automatically redirected to our new site in just a moment. Stay tuned for our new blog, jobs bulletin board, community calendar and more!

New Website on It's Way

New Website on It's Way

It's a new year and it's time for a new website!

We're reconstructing our website to make it:

A rapid response tool

A resource hub for young people in Maine

A new blog with up-to-date political information

A fun community calendar with the latest events from all corners of the state

Got ideas for how we can make our website better? Email, we'd love to hear from you.

Looking Back on an Incredible Year

Looking Back on an Incredible Year

We're taking time to reflect on the amazing accomplishments of this year, and looking forward to what we might accomplish in 2011.

Check out this page to read our favorite highlights. We'd love to hear your reflections on the year, and your thoughts on 2011. Email us and let's connect today!

Help us make 2011 possible, by making a donation today, Thanks!

1 step closer: Fee in Lieu of Parking Victory

1 step closer: Fee in Lieu of Parking Victory

Fee in Lieu of parking was unanimously passed by the Portland City Council! The League, through the Maine Alliance of Sustainable Transportation has worked hard over the past year to get this passed.

We're excited because allowing developers to pay a fee-in-lieu of building parking spaces is a great way to incentivize creative development that reduces demand for off-street parking. In addition, fee-in-lieu can be used to more efficiently manage a parking system, and will generate revenue for the city by establishing a “Sustainable Transportation Fund,” a dedicated source of funding for the transit and infrastructure improvements recommended in the Transit Plan.

Thanks to our councilors for all voting the right way!

Thank You, 2010

Thank You, 2010

Thank You!

To all our volunteers, members, leaders, and allies: Thanks for all the work, sweat and energy you put into the 2010 election cycle.

While we saw some major setbacks, we were also able to triumph with the passage of the Elect Our Mayor ballot initiative, and our narrow loss on Re-establishing voting rights for Immigrants.

Email us ( or and tell us what you thought of this year, or share your ideas for 2011!

The League 2010 Voter Guide

The League 2010 Voter Guide

We've got our 2010 Voter Guides live and online at

Check out the Portland Guide here

Check out the Statewide Guide here

Share with the our neighbors!!

Calling All Volunteers - Help us secure local voting rights for legal immigrants, TODAY!

Calling All Volunteers - Help us secure local voting rights for legal immigrants, TODAY!

We can't pass Question 4 on the Portland Ballot without you!

Question 4 will grant legal immigrants the right to vote in local elections. Legal immigrants pay taxes, start businesses, take part in our local economy, serve in the military, and send their kids to school like everyone else in Portland. It’s only fair for members of a community to have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

Please email to volunteer TODAY to help us turn this proposal into law.

Know who you're voting for!

Get to know the candidates for the November 2nd election!

To view candidate questionnaires, click on the links in this article. If there is no link, the candidate has not yet turned his/her questionnaire in.  Feel free to email them to say “Hey! Fill out your League of Young Voters Questionnaire!”

We did it!

We did it!

The Portland City Clerk confirmed on Tuesday what our volunteers knew a long time ago:  our legal resident voting petition is heading to the ballot on November 2. 

Check out some news coverage here, here, and here.

Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation

The Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MaST)

The Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MaST) has officially launched our new website! MaST was spearheaded by the League and has some great groups working to increase access to affordable, reliable and sustainable transportation option. Check us out to find out how you can get involved!

Liquified Natural Gas Tanker

Liquified natural gas terminal siting

In Calais, Maine there is a project that proposes the construction of a facility to distribute and transport fossil fuels by mega-tanker. The proposed route of these tankers cross though endangered Right Whale habitat. To find out more and take action, check out this amazing fact sheet

Voting Rights Now

Voting Rights Now

Imagine you are a legal immigrant to Portland. You live and pay taxes in Portland.  Your children go to Portland schools.  You are complying with local, state and federal laws regarding residency and taxes. Yet but you have no say in basic city services. This is taxation without representation.  The United States was founded on the opposition to this very notion. With your support, Portland has the chance to remedy this problem at the local level. The League of Young Voters in partnership with Maine Peoples Alliance, the Green Independent Party and the Sudanese and Somali communities in Portland have launched a local initiative campaign with the goal to win legal resident voting rights on the municipal level for immigrants here. If we collect 5,000 signatures by July 14th we can put this issue on the ballot.   Currently we have 4,000 signatures.  If you want to help please contact will(at)

The League is Hiring!!!

The League is Hiring!!!

And we want YOU to apply...

Click here for more info on why you should vote YES on 2, 3, 4 & 5

The Best Kept Secret of the June 8th Election...

There's a lot at stake on June 8th!  The best kept secret of the election is that bond questions 2, 3, 4, and 5 will help support more sustainable communities in Maine.  These bonds are Maine's homegrown economic recovery package, helping to create jobs while at the same time helping to protect the environment.  Voting "YES" on 2, 3, 4, and 5 will provide critical funding for green jobs, energy conservation, sustainable transportation, community revitalization and clean water.

League Voter Guide

Vote June 8th: League Primary Voter Guide

The June 8th Primary will soon be here.  Green jobs, economic recovery, and gubernatorial candidates, oh my!  Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidacies are on the line.  So too, are four critical bond questions 2, 3, 4, and 5--our homegrown economic recovery package that, if Mainers vote "YES"  will support green jobs, sustainable transportation, downtown revitalization and clean water.  Plus there's a whole slew of contested state rep races.  Read all about it in our voter guide!

Paid for by League of Young Voters Political Action (LYV PAC) 142 High Street, Suite 302, Will Everitt Treasurer. Not paid for by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Call Senator Murkowski TODAY!

In the wake of the Gulf oil disaster and the West Virginia coal mine explosion, it's unbelievable that some members of Congress are still pushing for giveaways to corporate polluters. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) is pushing for a vote this Thursday on her "Dirty Air Act" bill that would gut the Clean Air Act's ability to regulate global warming pollution -- and our Senator Susan Collins is currently on the fence about this legislation. We can't allow dirty fossil fuel companies to take the Clean Air Act away from us -- take two minutes to call Sen. Collins today and urge her to keep the Clean Air Act strong and oppose the Murkowski resolution! Simply visit to place a toll-free call today

Commute Another Way Week

Commute Another Way Week

Celebrate sustainable transportation choices in May by participating in Commute Another Way Week on May 17 - 21, 2010!

Check it off button

Check Yes for Clean Elections

Check YES on your tax form for CLEAN ELECTIONS!  It's Tax Time again and the League of Young Voters/League of Young Voters Education Fund joins Maine Citizens for Clean Elections to remind you to CHECK OUT line 1 of Maine's Income Tax Form and CHECK IT OFF!

Greater Portland Maine's Transportation System

Greater Portland Maine's Transportation System

The Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System (PACTS) has developed an informational video about what they do, our area’s transportation system(s) and our transportation needs. Please check it out!

Cycling feature added to Google maps!

Bicycling option added to Google Maps!

Thanks to everyone who filled out the petition awhile back on our website to push Google into adding this feature to Google maps! This absolutely reaffirms that legitimacy of cycling!


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