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Our Issues: Get educated!!

While the League advocates for change on a variety of issues, we have focused on certain key issues that are important to our constituency and our society as a whole.

As part of the Generation Vote coalition, the League helped develop the Youth Agenda, a nine-point issues platform highlighting the most pressing issues impacting our communities.  We encourage you to read and endorse the Youth Agenda.

You can also click on the links below to learn more about each of these issues, and find out where to get even more.


Green Jobs

Imagine what would happen if millions of those jobs—plus new ones created for people who are currently unemployed—were in fields like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green building... [Green For All]

Election Reform

We believe voting is a right for all citizens, including students attending college out of state, felons, and people who need special help to participate. We support public financing to take money out of politics. We oppose ID requirements and other discriminatory barriers to voting. [Gen Vote]

Higher Education

We believe every young person in this country has the right to a high-quality, affordable education from pre-school through college. [Gen Vote]

Juvenile Justice

Building more prisons to lock up our kids doesn’t make us safer. Instead of spending $40,000 a year locking someone up, we should invest in job training, education counselors, drug rehab and programs that lift people up. [adapted from Gen Vote]

Health Care

We believe high quality physical and mental health care, including full reproductive health services and prescription drugs, is a right and must be affordable and accessible to all. [Gen Vote]

Affordable Housing

We believe decent, safe, accessible and affordable housing is a right for all. The government should take on predatory lenders and developers, and provide emergency housing for people in crisis. [Gen Vote]

Immigrant Rights

We need fair and humane immigration reform that keeps families together, offers pathways to citizenship, fair compensation, and basic services like health care and college loans. [Gen Vote]

International Affairs

Real national security comes from being a respected and respectful member of the global community. This means ending torture and other human rights abuses. [Gen Vote]


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