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Green Economy:  People and the Planet

Green Economy: People and the Planet

A Green Economy is how we began to intellectually take care of our planet and the people at the same time.  We can produce mass opportunity in  job and business creation as well as free ourselves from our addiction to fossil fuels.

To really understand this is to simply transform what is into what is possible.
In order for this idea to materialize, there must be huge investments in infrastructure and environmental projects along with mobilization of all people through information.  Read more

Tunnel Builders:  Join Our Network

Tunnel Builders: Join Our Network

The Tunnel Builder Institute (TBI) is The League of Young Voters Education Fund's official training and leadership development program. The TBI curriculum is based on a series of simulated and interactive "organizing games" that are specifically tailored to empower young people, people of color and low income folks to become effective electoral and community based activists.

Read More 

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Go Green!  Healthy Environments and Lifestyles

Go Green! Healthy Environments and Lifestyles

In today’s world, “Going Green” is a high priority topic.  The environment has an effect on us all, and doing the best thing when it comes to our environment will get more positive attention in the years to come.

There is more to “Going Green” than saving the planet from global warming.  Within “Green” is the opportunity to save money and create an environment that creates healthy lifestyles. Read More

Download Making Milwaukee Green Coalition Community Guide Here

Census 2010 and YOU!

Census 2010 and YOU!

Mentioning the word ‘census’ in the hood is like revealing that you are police looking for information about a crime -  No one participates.  Why is it not cool to give information that would help your community?

The census, conducted every 10 years, is the official count of every person in the country. It is done to help government divide billions of dollars in funding as well as define the political power in Congress and state legislature.

Why is it important for Milwaukee Residents?


Recycle:  Trash Talk

Recycle: Trash Talk

You ever stop and wonder where does all the trash you throw away go?  From you dumpster to the huge garbage truck that struggles through the inner city until it gets to a holding place or a near by landfill.

There is a lot that goes into the disposal of trash from the gas used to keep garbage trucks running to the hours of labor to pick up the trash from each household.

Did you know?

Well-run recycling programs cost less to operate than waste collection, landfilling, and incineration. Read More

MEA Lightning Rod Award goes to…..

MEA Lightning Rod Award goes to…..

Campaign Against Violence(CAV) State Director, Jayme Montgomery accepted Midwest Environmental Advocates (MEA) Lighting Rod Award on behalf of  CAV, Making Milwaukee Green Coalition (MMGC) and Keep Public Our Water(KPOW).

MEA, who celebrated its 10 year for environmental justice, provides the kind of lawyers and expertise Wisconsin communities need to effectively protect the air we breathe and the water.  Read More

Stop the Violence: Get involved!

Stop the Violence: Get involved!

Its been only weeks since the beating death of Derrion Alberts of Fenger High School in Chicago, IL.  You would think that lessons would be learned about the violence in school and just how far these types of situations escalate.

Derrion Albert, 16-year old honor roll student, who attended Bible Class every week, was beaten to death by a mob of other students and young adults on September 24.

Even still, this week alone there has been a series of violent incidents that have led to double digit numbers in arrest at Vincent High School in Milwaukee, WI.  Read More

Put Down the Guns Rally '09 - Success

Put Down the Guns Rally '09 - Success

Thank you to the hundreds of people who came out for our Put Down the Guns Rally 2009. 

The rally was full of positive energy from the morning time march to the artists all afternoon.

Check inside for a slideshow of pictures from the event.  Looking forward to 2010!


Green The Hood -  CAV

Green The Hood - CAV

Milwaukee, WI - Campaign Against Violence along with Making Milwaukee Green Coalition created an plan to bring structure to a neighborhood plauged by violence and trash.  Sunday, July 5th was the first of many block clean ups along with civic engagement efforts to bring a sense of community back to the block.


Non-Violent Lifestyles Preferred

Non-Violent Lifestyles Preferred

Milwaukee, WI - Homicides decreased from 105 in 2007 to 71 in 2008.  Of course, no homicides would be the perfect picture as opposed to the lowest in 23 years; I think it is definitely an improvement well worth mentioning.  What were some of the contributing factors to these decreasing numbers? As a member of Campaign Against Violence (CAV) I want to take it a step further and begin to critically look at the contributing factors so that we can maintain a definite decline in total homicides for 2009.  Read More!


Conflict Resolution Training - REGISTER NOW!

Conflict Resolution Training - REGISTER NOW!

Next Workshop Date TBD

Come participate in one of the most life changing experiences for Milwaukee residents of all ages!

Tools to:

Be Motivated   Build confidence    Gain insight   Network   Leadership Development   Organize   and    Live a purposeful life                                            

Register now!

Conflict Resolution Training Registration 




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