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Let's get our issues heard

by Biko Baker 2007-11-30 01:00

In less than 40 days, voters in Iowa will head to the polls to cast their vote in the caucuses for the next president of the United States. Candidates from both sides­ of the aisle have made Iowa their second home. But here's the deal with Iowa: not only is the population of Iowa one of the oldest in the nation, but people of color only make up 6% of the state's population. Yeah, our peers in Iowa are out there representing for what's important to them -- but as always­ the candidates are following Jay Z's mantra of "We don't believe you, you need more people." So the League has linked up with The Brown and Black Presidential Forum to shake things up and make sure our issues GET HEARD!.... read more...


The Real Deal gets realistic

by Katie Diamond 2007-11-14 14:33

Katie Diamond reflects on the Maine League's "Real Deal" and all its incredible leaps and bounds. This past Tuesday, the League's regular action-packed Real Deal evening got even more intense.... It's really incredible to see how much can change in a week, in a day even.... read more...


Green Jobs is the Shiznilly Bang Boogie

by Mikhail Pappas 2007-11-07 16:00

PEACE Family, And I mean it when I say that - FAMILY! This Green Jobs -ish is the shiznilly bang-boogie that gives us a platform for cross-League-affiliate collaboration like nothing before. Here's why.... read more...

Billy Loves Powershift

by Billy Wimsatt 2007-11-07 15:45

The Powershift conference last weekend was one of the most inspiring events I have witnessed in my 20 years in the youth movement. More than 6000 young people from every state converged on the University of Maryland College Park to stop global warming.... read more...


We have something they can only dream about

by Julian Davis 2007-11-06 01:00

Rolling around on that veggie oil powered bus yesterday passing out voter guides I had the feeling that somehow we had discovered THE way to campaign. Those guides were flying out of my hands not to mention the significant number of people who said to me "I voted and used that".... You people make campaigning fun. That's the bottom line.... read more...


You know you’re a political junkie if…

by charlotte — 2007-10-10 17:05

You know you're a political junkie if... 1) You've canvassed your city so much, you could have a promising career as a tour guide or taxi driver. 2) All of your "best (wildest) stories" start off like, " I was at this rally the other day, when..." 3) You go out and get "commemorative Election Day tattoos" and/or make "Election Day Resolutions" (as opposed to "New Years Resolutions")... read more...


Why would you veto a bill that could help so many people?

by Kristin R. 2007-10-04 19:52

Have you ever heard of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)?... Yesterday, the bill in question was vetoed by the one and only, President George “Dubya” Bush. The next question to ask is why would you veto a bill that could help so many people?... This wouldn’t be so alarming, if Bush didn’t recently send a request to Congress for a $189 BILLION grant for war funding!!! WAR FUNDING!!! Here’s an idea: “Take care of home!” I have to walk past at least five homeless people everyday to get to work... read more...


Getting Excited...

by Shamilia M. 2007-09-03 23:35

Brace yourself...something big's around the corner for the Tally League. read more...


Turning passion into action

by Luis Carrillo 2007-08-22 21:21

Before joining the League, I always had a deep passion over social issues, but never really had the opportunity or the skills to organize a group on campus. When I hooked up with the League of Young Voters in San Francisco, that’s when I really started to liking the process of organizing, taking the initiative.... read more...


Malcolm X and Martin Luther King vs....YOU!

by Biko Baker 2007-08-12 15:00

As a student of movement history, I am often frustrated by how my generation perceives the powerful work of the civil rights generation. While many of us -- especially us young activists -- are keenly aware of the historic efforts of groups like Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the Black Panthers or Students for a Democratic Society, our perception of the civil rights movement has been tainted by "superhero" narratives that tend to focus on the actions of great individuals.... read more...


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